om2009/paroli status

Nicola Mfb nicola.mfb at
Sat Jul 25 17:21:37 CEST 2009

On Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 12:38 PM, Sebastian
Krzyszkowiak<seba.dos1 at> wrote:
> We just don't want to release crap as "stable". There were problems
> with either FSO, SHR, build system etc. We wanted to start releasing
> testing images regular every week... week ago. But there is opkg
> problem, which is preventing us from doing that. Do you really want
> buggy and unstable system marked as "stable", only due to deadline?
> And "unstable" is bleeding-edge. As it should be.

You should "feel" the air.
As in the past testing was only a snapshot and AFAIK I never saw a
backport to testing, peoples are inclined to use unstable in every
case (and I really hope your future effort on testing will go
Add the fact that actually shr is the unique way for the *average*
user to use its freerunner in a modern way out of the box, add the
fact that some software run only on shr and you'll get shr-unstable
You cannot ignore all that with "it's unstable, flash another distro
if you do not like it" shr has just now the great task to realize an
happy community, so if unstable is bleeding-edge please provide a
really supported testing *branch* and not a snapshot,  demonstrating
it's a really "Community Driven" distro (and avoiding boring threads
from me and other users and developers that instead of coding has to
guess why their software crashes on latest shr, rebuild and upload
again on and so on).

About crap/stability, why all the the OE problems comes in SHR as
their appears? it may be better to focus only on FSO and SHR phone
applications, backporting that to testing or the wished stable may be
easy instead of taking care of all the git commits.
You may consider stable OE branches too as a source.

Please do not repeat OM mistakes wasting time on too many tasks, they
"returned to the basic" to "improve user experience" demonstrating at
least to listen the community in some cases, shr is "Community
Driven", so please perform better :)

Again m2c.


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