Tangogps (gtk+-fastscaling "ghost")

Glenn Moeller-Holst glenn.mh.dk at gmail.com
Sat Jul 25 18:16:43 CEST 2009

At 17:58 +0200 25/07/09, Glenn Moeller-Holst wrote:
>At 17:42 +0200 25/07/09, Sebastian Krzyszkowiak wrote:
>>No, it isn't. And using opkg.org repo isn't good idea, unless you want
>>to break your system. Use more civilized distro, in SHR and Om2009
>>TangoGPS is in repos.
>>Sebastian Krzyszkowiak
>>Openmoko community mailing list
>>community at lists.openmoko.org
>I thought this script was safe:
>How to I instruct opkg to use this specific package - this did not work:

After this:

rm /etc/opkg/opkg-feed.conf
rm /etc/opkg/knjrepository.conf

it worked.


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