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Sat Jul 25 23:52:06 CEST 2009


> With virtually every movie that depicts an even slightly futuristic
> world showing video telephony, it's no surprise that some people do
> start to believe that this will be part of the future ...
> With that in mind, we could ask ourselves what are the roads not
> taken in the "guided evolution" of the mobile phone, because they
> led away from that perceived holy grail. Then put the creative
> energy not wasted on chasing Apple into doing something that's
> really groundbreaking.

Interesting observation :-)
So, what did science fiction *miss* ?

I've always been amazed by the 1-on-1 nature
of phone calls. Perhaps that made sense in
the time of landlines and switchboards, but
nowadays, especially in an office environment,
you find yourself calling 5 people one after
another just to get an appointment fixed (or
rather, you'd do it by email-or-something,
which supports multiple recipients. but then,
that gets confusing because of the asynchrone
responses .. )

Ofcourse, you cant expect people to jump
into a conference call every moment. But
if you could 'add' a person during a call,
that would help. It would be possible if
only one of the connected devices could
do that.

just dreaming..

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