applied sci-fi (was Re: New Open Hardware company)

pike pike-openmoko at
Sun Jul 26 01:45:14 CEST 2009


> Okay, that's a far-out idea. Something closer to home: if you don't need
> video telephony, you don't need rapidly updating color images. So, put
> e-paper into those phones. Maybe even the well-established grayscale type.
> It probably still updates quickly enough that you could even doodle on it.

I've been trying to prepare my openmoko as a
'hitchhiker guide to the galaxy' - using
the lonely planet in pdf format. but it
didnt really cut edge :-/

>> I've always been amazed by the 1-on-1 nature
>> of phone calls.
> Oh, that's been solved already. Even GSM supports multi-party calls.

strange, i've never seen it in day-to-day usage.
can't do it on my phone afaik ?

> 'ok sue, lets ask him - tuut - hi 
> john, its sue and dan here, we had a question' 
> 'how did you do that, dan ? oh, i've an open phone'.


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