literki update

Petr Vanek vanous at
Sun Jul 26 08:41:55 CEST 2009

>> There was patch for Illume to make transparent qwo working, which was
>> differing Keyboard and TransparentKeyboard cattegories in desktop
>> file. Literki should work with that patch and TransparentKeyboard
>> specified.
>Specifying the category in .desktop only causes illume to launch the
>keyboard at startup. To have it fully integrated you need to do some E
>magic in the code, and for me, using only xlib in literki, sounds too
>complicated atm to bother. I'm planning to set up an Icewm environment
>soon anyway, as I don't like Illume.

i have been using literki as the main keyboard now since the new
version with mouse support got released. saying this already implies "i
like it" :), thank you Michal!

and i am very happy about the way literki works with transparency - for
example with midori or actually any app: if you need the keyboard on
and off, freerunner is simply too slow redrawing the screen while the
application needs to get resized to make space for a keyboard.

a couple of things: 

- if startup of literki could be changed - now a yellow rectangle is
  drawn on the screen that looks bad - could literki start with some
  coordinates that are off the screen?

- for the future, integration with illume would be a logical step and
  ideally a button to switch between transparent overlay keyboard and
  windowed keyboard (perhaps restart would be needed, i am not sure)

thanks once again


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