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Adolph J. Vogel ajvogel at
Mon Jul 27 10:24:20 CEST 2009

> Are you a mechanical engineer? Or do you know some that are interested in
> joining to work on a free design and/or can do some coding too? :-)

I`m a qualified mechanical engineer, currently finishing my Masters degree.  
Although I have some experience in solid modelling, I`m not that familiar with 
injection molding. As my primary interests are in simulation and optimization. 
Non the less, I would happily help out where I can with the mechanical aspects 
of the design.

As far as coding goes, I`m a farely experienced python programming 
implementing all my own code in python. As far as the lower level languages go 
I still have to get around to learning them.

> There seems to be a lot of activity in HeeksCAD the last 6 months, so
> that's encouraging. It uses OpenCASCADE.
> Do you know other free 3D tools?

The only free CAD/CAE software i`ve really used is Salome, which is also based 
on openCASCADE.

regards, Adolph

Adolph J. Vogel         BEng(Hons)

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