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Yogiz yogizz at
Mon Jul 27 10:36:45 CEST 2009

If I'm not mistaken, the owner of stopped actively developing
the site and released all it's code and asked the community to take

On Thu, 9 Jul 2009 10:25:34 -0400
"Staley, Daniel L" <dlstal2 at> wrote:

> Just to throw in my two cents....I think the look and feel of
> is great.  I think whoever designed the page did a very nice
> job.
> However, I will agree that we need something to tell what Distro they
> have been tested on, and perhaps even a separate packagelist / repo
> created for each distro based on what distros they are said to work
> on.
> Perhaps the owner of would let someone else log onto the
> server and make these changes? It would really be a shame to just
> create a replacement of I said, the site layout is really
> pretty nice.
> -Dan Staley

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