[CU] voting required

Jon 'maddog' Hall maddog at li.org
Mon Jul 27 13:17:19 CEST 2009

> > V1 with table underneath left-hand picture
> Sorry maddog, i do not understand. I assume you would like to modify
> V1,
> but could you explain how more precisely?

Sorry, I tried to take a "short cut" in my description.

I like the over-all look of V1, but I also like the "working hardware"
box.  By putting the "working hardware" box in a column by itself,
making a three-column layout, you reduce the amount of space for column
two, which makes the page longer showing the same amount of information.
I suggest that the "working hardware" box of V3 be moved to the first
column under the left-hand picture of the application/distribution. Then
the "home page", "Image", "Tested on Hardware", etc. which is now at the
bottom of the page could also be listed in the left hand column beneath
the "working hardware" box.  This would allow the right hand column (of
what is now a two-column page) to be just text on a white background.


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