[CU] voting required

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Mon Jul 27 13:26:40 CEST 2009

Jon 'maddog' Hall wrote:
>> I assume you would like to modify V1, but could you explain how more precisely?
> I like the over-all look of V1, but I also like the "working hardware"
> box.  By putting the "working hardware" box in a column by itself,
> making a three-column layout, you reduce the amount of space for column
> two, which makes the page longer showing the same amount of information.
> I suggest that the "working hardware" box of V3 be moved to the first
> column under the left-hand picture of the application/distribution. Then
> the "home page", "Image", "Tested on Hardware", etc. which is now at the
> bottom of the page could also be listed in the left hand column beneath
> the "working hardware" box.  This would allow the right hand column (of
> what is now a two-column page) to be just text on a white background.

I was just trying to describe exactly the same thing.  I like this 
approach, based on the clean V1, and think that it will be clear enough 
where one section stops and the other starts by the picture/title 
associated with each table.  If that doesn't work, in my mind a simple 
1px gray light border would work better than the block colours, which 
can be a little over-powering.


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