Mokomaze + Git

ANT ant007h at
Mon Jul 27 15:18:57 CEST 2009

Some notes:

1) I have found that since mokomaze package is in OM's repo now, it may be
tricky to install it from other places (including homepage). E.g. package
from OM's repo is named mokomaze-0.5.1-r7 and opkg think that it is
preferable since official build is named mokomaze-0.5.1-1. Check opkg's
installation log to know what package you really got.

2) It seems that game runs slower than before on latest SHR unstable, but it
still runs fluidly on Hackable:1 rev4.

3) Mokomaze from OM's repo has wrong GUI text color (blue). As described in
README: there is --enable-rgb-swap option for ./configure that may help to
avoid font color swapping which is assumed to be yellow-orange, not blue.

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