fooling opkg

Marcel tanuva at
Mon Jul 27 17:14:21 CEST 2009

Am Montag, 27. Juli 2009 17:03:14 schrieb Previdi Roberto:
> hello list. i tried update/upgrade my shr-unstable, and unfortunately
> the phone frozen after having updated some packages. when i rebooted, i
> restarted with opkg upgrade but now the system is broken. i don't want
> to go into the details of why it broke.. what i now would like to do is
> to modify the timestamp of the "last update" of opkg, so when i do
> another opkg update/upgrade -force-reinstall it will overwrite all the
> packages. how can i fool opkg in this way?

Afaik opkg doesn't have such a timestamp but checks the package's version 
and only updates if there is a newer package. It would be useful if you 
told us what really happened...

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