testing Litephone, new phone interface

Michal Brzozowski rusolis at poczta.fm
Tue Jul 28 00:27:55 CEST 2009


I gave it a try and wrote an FSO based phone app in Qt. It's using the new
PIM service, and since that's not completely stable yet, there are a few
problems. I'm releasing this anyway, to help test FSO, and meanwhile get
some feedback on the gui and general idea. Consider it an alpha release.
There might be little bugs here and there.

The basic idea on the GUI is that it is packed in one window, the various
'modules' (contacts, messages, dialer, etc) placed into tabs. No popup

The best way to use it on SHR is to stop ophoned, turn on the GSM service
and register by hand, wait for some initialization in opimd, and then start
the phone app. Technically you can just start the phone, and it will init
GSM, but due to a bug in opimd, messages and contacts will start duplicating
when you exit and run it again.

The steps:
 - Install all the ipks from http://pvtrace.com/litephone/ (qt deps and
phone app itself).
 - Run /etc/init.d/x-something stop
 - Move /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80ophonekitd somewhere else (like your home
 - Run the script http://pvtrace.com/litephone/gsm_register.sh (this will
enable gsm and register, and will stay like that until you turn it off by
 - Run /etc/init.d/x-something start
 - Get the style definition http://pvtrace.com/litephone/style_sheet.conf
 - Run 'phone style_sheet.conf'

If you don't see your contacts and messages, try exiting and running again.
opimd does some initialization upon GSM start that takes 1-2 minutes and
currently there is no signal implemented that notifies about it.

Making and receiving calls and messages should work without problems. You
can add, edit and delete contacts, but deleting messages doesn't work
because it's not implemented in opimd yet.

Scrolling lists (contacts, etc) is done by click, not by drag (I hate
drag-scrolling). Contacts have a smaller "sparse" list on the right that
lets you scroll faster.

The way composing new messages works is when you hit 'text' or 'reply'
somewhere and a 'compose' tab is not created yet, it creates one with an
appropriate recipient. If one is open already, it just adds to the list of
recipients. So the way to send a message to multiple recipients is to keep
going back to Contacts for example, and add them one by one. While it's not
very intuitive, it's simple and it works :-)

I hope you have fun
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