Intone 0.61 Almost Stable ;-)

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Tue Jul 28 03:56:30 CEST 2009


The Digital Pioneer wrote:
>>It would be nice if it remembered from one run to the next to use BT
  Will add that in the next version. Wasn't too sure about how well the bt
streaming was working yet.

Dan Staley wrote:
>>Occasionally the key presses from my headset stop being picked up by looks like they are >being sent to the phone because the screen
will turn on, but intone doesn't respond
  Well, can you run intone from the terminal and see if it prints the
keypress it receives? If it prints the keypress intone should respond to
them. If it doesn't print - that could be because the keypresses are not
getting through either because of :-
 * a locked screen
 * some other app gaining focus (like if you receive a message etc)
  Can you confirm this?

The Digital Pioneer wrote:
>>Intone only receives keypresses if it's focused.
  I'm not sure how the lock screen functionality is implemented. But - since
the SHR guys seem to have added it - can you post an issue on the SHR page?
I really don't want to try changing things behind FSO/SHR's back.

The Digital Pioneer wrote:
>>But my problem was Intone was actually just not seeing the keypresses even
though it was focused >and the screen was unlocked.
   As I requested above, can you run intone from the terminal and see if it
prints the keypress it receives? 

   Also - Cry Regarder suggested that I try the following method for
streaming music to the bt headsets - since it uses less CPU.

gst-launch filesrc location=file.mp3 ! decodebin \
                                     ! audioconvert \
                                     ! audioresample \
                                     ! sbcenc \
                                     ! a2dpsink device=00:0C:78:41:04:B9 

  Can someone confirm this (since his phone is out for a buzzfix). It would
be nice if someone posts back the following
 * how much CPU this method uses with mp3/oga files (and their bitrates)
 * how much CPU mplayer uses with the same files streaming over bt

Also can you send me the errors (if any) gstreamer gives if :-
1.  The streaming fails
2.  There is no bluetooth device paired
3.  The bluetooth headset is switched off while gstreamer is streaming.

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