Seeking Extra Packages for FSO Milestone 5.5

Jeff Rush jeff at
Tue Jul 28 12:24:43 CEST 2009

I've successfully installed FSO Milestone 5.5 onto my GTA01 hardware and
 it is working fine.  However I miss many of the optional tools I have
installed on prior milestones.  The directory:

is missing and that's probably because there are no fixes out yet.
Understandable, but where can I obtain the many -optional- packages for
Milestone 5.5 such as emacs, libspeex, mplayer, madplay etc.?

In case the answer is, I'm puzzled by that site.  It doesn't
have indicators or a way to search by OM distribution, eg. SHR, FSO,
DEB, etc.  I'm sure every package is not OM distribution agnostic, so
how are people managing this kind of compability?  Is actually
the official place to obtain solid, tested packages for an FSO Milestone?



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