[QtMoko] New debian images V5

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Tue Jul 28 23:30:28 CEST 2009

new version of QtMoko debian images is uploading now. It will be
possible to download them soon (like in 2 hours) from:


MD5 checksums:

6c259005e72c5c163bee85bdd92d290f  qtmoko-debian-v5.jffs2
b1164caeda73a69e62091af3f5269fe5  qtmoko-debian-v5.tar.gz
f64f5ff2e7dad0202e7cb69d263d006d  uImage-v5.bin

Most important changes in V5 version include:

* much better support for X applications

* X is not starting during boot which makes Qtopia faster

* short AUX press brings up menu while running X application

* X application stopping should be now correct (first SIGTERM and if no
  response then SIGKILL)

* included TangoGPS, xterm with matchbox virtual keyboard and
  matchbox window manager.

* scripts for turning on/off bluetooth, wifi, gps and for switching USB
  between host and device (available from dev tools menu)

Most probably no bugs were introduced and this version should be stable
as daily phone.

There can be still problem with no sound on incoming call. The only
workaround i know is to make outgoing call after boot (e.g. to some cost
free number) and all incoming calls will be ok after that.

With X application support you can now use TangoGPS for mapping, links2
for web browsing, you can play doom, tons of games in scummvm - the
possibilities are nearly endless.

You can also switch to USB host and attach USB keyboard which will work
for X applications.

For more information please visit links [1] [2] [3] [4].

The support for X applications still needs some more work. I would
appreciate if someone could help me understand why X server cannot be
started from within Qtopia. It always hangs in VT_WAITACTIVE. I am now
solving this with simple helper program [5] that starts before Qtopia.
To me it looks that Qtopia takes over virtual terminal and when X tries
to allocate it - it hangs. So this needs clean solution and understanding
the problem. Any help would be very welcome.

In next days I will be on holidays on my bike so i will get to mail on

Enjoy images, hope you will like them



[1] http://activationrecord.net/radekp/qtmoko/download/
[2] http://activationrecord.net/radekp/qtmoko/
[3] http://github.com/radekp/qtmoko/tree/master/
[4] http://qtmoko.org/
[5] http://github.com/radekp/qtmoko/tree/e0c5da38bfcb8eaaf205967ad084ee3475394572/src/3rdparty/applications/qx_helper

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