Anti-Whining: Happy Moko Moments

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Wed Jul 29 08:24:39 CEST 2009

2009/7/26 Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms at>:
> On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 03:13:20PM -0400, Warren Baird wrote:
>> There seems to be a repeated theme of people posting how crappy the
>> Freerunner is and how nothing works for them.  Usually a number of people
>> then jump on the thread and talk about how the FR works well for them.
>> I like to try turning that around and start a thread for people to talk
>> about their successes.   Maybe if we get enough good ones we can push it
>> onto the wiki.
> This Saturday, at the DebConf'09 in Cáceres, I met the nice folks of
> TuxBrain (hi David, et all) who buzz fixed my Freerunner.
> Aftera little while, I wanted to buy the extremely slim protection slip
> but they had no change, so I was sad.
> I connected to the wifi network, fired up midori in my recent SHR
> installation, went to the TuxBrain web shop and bought the slip without
> transportation costs, as it was being given right then... I was happy :)
> I also tried to charge up some cash on a SIM card account from my
> homebanking, but my bank doesn't like midori for at some point the
> transaction would silently fail. Made me sad... at my bank.
> Rui
This is included on the Openmoko Debconf09 Tour Video :P, will be published soon
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