[SHR-U] Bluetooth and GSM... Again.

Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 14:25:40 CEST 2009

c_c <cchandel at yahoo.com> writes:
>> did you add the rules to
>> /etc/freesmartphone/oeventsd/rules.yaml?
>   Yup. Did that. But had not uncommented the SCORouting = PCM line in
> /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf. Once that was done a reboot, followed by mdbus -s
> org.bluez /org/bluez/`pidof bluetoothd`/hci0/dev_xx_xx_xx_xx_xx_xx
> org.bluez.Headset.Connect and the headset is up. 
> Thanks - finally I can use it!
>  A few suspends later - I need to org.bluez.Headset.Connect, but the pid has
> changed. So some manual intervention is still required sometimes - or am I
> still doing something wrong?

No, FSO should do reconnect after resume on its own. Not implemented
yet but i think there's already a trac ticket about that. And even if
you do it behind FSO back you can automate it, as pid of bluetoothd is
easily obtainable ;)

>   Also, my ringtone only plays in the phone. org.bluez.Headset.IndicateCall
> - plays the headset tone. Is it planned for inclusion in FSO?

Please file a wishlist ticket on FSO trac for that.

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