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Wed Jul 29 22:04:16 CEST 2009


On Fri, 24.07.2009 at 08:40:45 +0200, Mirko Lindner <vegyraupe at> wrote:
> There still is the plan to release a final version of Om2009. It  
> would be good if we could assemble a list of problems in paroli that  
> need fixing for the release.

I'm a bit out-of-sync with all of you, due to "other work", but still
have problems in Om2009r5 that I've just flashed my FR A6. These are my
first impressions:

1. Booting is _very_slow_. I didn't measure it, but it feels much
   slower than with Om2009r4 (which had a whole lot of other problems,
   though, including no keyboard after a while in the dialer).

2. I've changed the profile to Illume on the first boot after flashing.
   On the second boot, when it asks for a PIN, the following problems

   2.1 There is a strip of rainbow colours (much like a garbled C64
       screen) on the top of the screen.
   2.2 The string "Enter PIN" is cut off at the lower half.

   2.3 The profile was reset to "Paroli".

3. I changed the profile setting to "paroli-serenity". This resultet in
   an error message about a missing module that could not be loaded.

4. If I call myself to test, although sound quality is _poor_ (like an
   old military radio device - I think I need the buzz fix), there's
   immediate, and increasing, acoustic feedback. I have to go several
   meters away from the other phone to stop it.

5. I didn't yet find out how to adjust the keyboard to eg. "German".
   Preferably, I'd have the "Terminal" keyboard (not that magic "I
   guess and scramble your writing"-keyboard) plus a method to enter
   accented characters.

6. When conducting a phone call, there's a weird mixed call-and-hangup
   sign which looks like if the two images were overlayed as

7. Keyboard reaction is MUCH slower than it was in r4 while I had a
   keyboard there.

Some general remarks:

* I didn't yet find out where my data goes. With r4, I had some
  messages, and, in theory, GPS tracks that I tried to recover using
  SSH, but I could not locate them on the file system. So I lost it
  all after re-flashing.

* There should be an easy way to inspect and manipulate backup images
  (eg. jffs2 format) in a regular Linux desktop machine. Maybe this is
  in the wiki already, but I'd like something along "pmount image-file
  directory" to mount an image and work with the contents.

* So far, I'm only able to use half of my 8gig micro SD card in the
  phone, but all of it in a regular computer's card reader.

* Battery life appears to be very low. Just dabbling a bit with the new
  image drained three quarters of the battery, according to Illume's
  status display, but the "can" battery icon appeared to suggested the
* battery to be half full.

Kind regards,

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