testing Litephone, new phone interface

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at hist.no
Thu Jul 30 12:21:38 CEST 2009

KaZeR wrote:
> I believe that the style_sheet part isn't needed anymore, and instead you
> can use other parameters (like demo, etc).
> I simply ran litephone, in my case and it worked.

Thanks, that worked.

My impressions after testing a bit:

* Looks good, is responsive

* The contact list doesn't have finger scrolling. It jumps when I
   select a message close to the bottom though.

   Finger scrolling is even easier. Just put the finger on the screen
   and drag up or down as necessary.

* Calling and receiving works, but is fragile. Once, litephone didn't
   notice that the other end hung up. The call was terminated, and when
   the other side called back, litephone still was stuck with the
   screen for the previous call.

   I could not reproduce this though, further calls worked
   as expected.

* Entering unicode text into a message doesn't work, I get
   garbage text instead. Strange, because
   stored unicode messages show up fine in the viewer. Most of the
   world uses more than ascii. The shr messaging app has no problems
   with this.

* There seems to be no way to forward a message to others. Shr messaging
   also lack this, you have the chance to be first. :-)

* Messages cannot be deleted. (Not implemented yet?)
   Please note that the inbox can accumulate lots of messages quickly.
   Deleting one-by-one is fine for deleting a few messages, but
   cumbersome for many. This is a typical problem with many
   phones - click once to select, click once to delete, then wait
   as deletion happens, then click to select, click to delete, wait ...
   Still - you're better than shr with its 3-click deletion.

   Mass deletion is very useful. One way is to have a little checkbox
   at the end of each message in the list. One can then check
   several messages quickly, and hit "delete" to get rid of
   them all. This way, the user don't have to wait for
   each deletion. If deleting 50 messages is slow, then the
   user simply pockets the phone or play a game while waiting. :-)


I tried to save my changes to a contact, and litephone died.
(The contact name contained parentheses, I hope that
  didn't crash it.)
Restarting it worked.

After sending myself some messages, litephone crashed and
can no longer be started on my phone. I get:
INFO: refresh msgs
FATAL: main.cpp: 236 : void PhoneWindow::refreshMessages(): check 
failed: messages.getRow(i).getValue("Content", &content):
Deleting the messages through shr-messages did not help.
I'll try again when there is an updated version.

Helge Hafting

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