Intone 0.61 Almost Stable ;-)

Al Johnson openmoko at
Thu Jul 30 14:23:49 CEST 2009

On Wednesday 29 July 2009, c_c wrote:
> Hi,
> Al Johnson wrote:
> > You may be able to sidestep this by using the
> > dbus interface, but documentation seems somewhat lacking.
>   Thanks for your offer. Actually, I'm not so clued up on bt - not having
> been able to even get any sound out of my bt (Jabra 125) handsfree. The
> lack of documentation is quite awkward for something that seems this
> popular. Do let me know if you find anything.

The best docs I've found so far are in the bluez source tarball. They actually 
have a description of what each dbus call is supposed to do, but not how 
everything is supposed to fit together. It looks like the plan is now 
different to the one in the wiki, and that the org.bluez.Control interface 
which my BT3030 seems to have is intended to control things on the device, not 
the other way around. It looks like I may be able to access the headset's 
volume control through it though.

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