[SHR-U] 7/28/09 Image - no services starting?

Russell Dwiggins undrwater at verizon.net
Thu Jul 30 20:10:53 CEST 2009

As the topic states, no services appear to be starting.  Settings menu comes
up (brings up the message that ophonekitd has not started and provides a
button to do so, but that changes nothing), but nothing happens with taps on
the icons.  USB networking is not started (so I can't SSH).  Below are some
of the results of commands I ran in terminal and copied here:


/etc/init.d/dbus-1 start

chown: unknown user messagebus



Couldn't connect to system bus: Failed to connect to socket
/var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory, 55
(dbus-glib-error-quark), code 17

** (process:1483): DEBUG: Adding signals.


** CRITICAL **: dbus_g_proxy_add_signal: assertion `DBUS_IS_G_PROXY (proxy)'




/etc/init.d/frameworkd seems to start OK, but I can't find it in the


Anything else I should try?


Russell Dwiggins


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