FSO core team founds BGB company

Stefan Schmidt stefan at openmoko.org
Fri Jul 31 00:32:44 CEST 2009


On Thu, 2009-07-30 at 10:08, arne anka wrote:
> all the best to you guys!
> > Congratulations! I hope everything goes well with the company. Is there  
> > a way
> > to make tax deductible donations?
> hardly, what with being a bgb company.

Indeed, no tax deductible donations. We only have a paypal account for normal

> but do you guys have a list of tasks with a price tag each?
> people could vote for tasks most important and chip in to pay.

We thought about that and we need to think about it again. A big problem is the
overhead of managing all the small donations. I could imagine that we could
bundle such donation-for-feature thing within our milestone releases. We would
work out the feature set for the next milestone with the community and if people
feel that this milestone did bring them the feature they always wanted, they
make a donation.

As I said. We need to think about it. I also have to mention that we already got
a quite big donation from the freeyourphone.de community. Thanks for that guys.

Also small feature request will often go in during the day by day work. It's not
like we stopped all work beside paid one. We are still working through the
bugtracker for fixes and enhancements and always looking forward to patches.

Stefan Schmidt

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