[openBmap] GSM/GPS logger 0.4.0 is out! (Legal status)

Onen onen.om at free.fr
Fri Jul 31 23:28:47 CEST 2009

Alex (Maxious) Sadleir wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 7:01 AM, Onen<onen.om at free.fr> wrote:
>> Alex, could you be more specific, I am not sure to understand what you
>> have in mind? Are you wondering if we could log cells from other
>> operators with only one phone?
> Exactly. I don't know alot about GSM. On one hand, you can see the
> other networks. On the other, there's a registration process to
> connect to those networks so even if it were possible to build a
> device to collect data unauthenticaed, the Calypso probably doesn't
> have that functionality.

We have tried this with FR and firmware moko11 with Joerg Reisenweber: 
no SIM card, and try to see neighbour cells.

We tried to see if FSO was able to give some output through monitoring 
interface. But it did not work.

I have to retry by sending direct AT command though, to be sure if this 
works or not.


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