Bluetooth Keyboard for Openmoko

jeremy jozwik jerjoz.forums at
Mon Jun 1 05:54:28 CEST 2009

i just got the wired version of this keyboard. works relatively well, large
enough for two handed typing and the size is about 1.5 freerunners tall.

this is the one i got:
though the up arrow does not seem to function. which is nice in when using
the terminal...

im going to update the keyboard wiki page when i get back to the states in
about a week

2009/5/29 Staley, Daniel L <dlstal2 at>

> I would recommend the iGo bluetooth keyboard.  It folds up, is super
> portable...and works great with the freerunner.
> It even has a holder that can hold the freerunner vertically or
> horizontally while you are typing.
> I was able to find one on ebay for pretty cheap.
> See a clip of me using it to chat in irc here:
> Kind of a crappy camera job, but you get the picture.
> -Dan
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> В Чтв, 28/05/2009 в 13:10 +0200, Michal Brzozowski пишет:
> > Pulster is now offering a really nice bt keyboard in the OM
> > accessories. It's about the size of the FR.
> Can't hold myself but to actually mention that the whole point of having
> separate keyboard to my mind is to have something significantly bigger
> than FR :)
> cheers,
> Max.
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