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>  Getting a focused effort in the US has been problematic. The reason is
> simple. The vast majority of sales in the US have been through the OM
> store. The disty, therefore, don't have the same motivation that say
> Dr. N has. neither do they have the resources required. The best thing,
> the most logical thing would be for OM in the US to set up a program
> just like Dr. N did.
> The problem? OM usa is me. Part of the reason the deal worked with Dr. N
> is that he was able to do all the detailed ground work required to get
> this done. I would have to execute the fix by myself. That's no simple
> feat, but now that Dr. N has shown the way, I can look into copying his
> effort. basically I'm a marketing guy, but if need be I'll be the
> customer support, feild rework, logistics guy.
> In the US it might require a different approach, but I can start to look
> into it.

Steve, I do realize that coordinating this is a challenge, but in this case
it seems like the vendor I bought my phone from is trying to work with
Openmoko, and isn't getting a satisfactory response, or any response at all
if I take their version of the story to be true - which I have no reason not

Since I've been waiting for a fix for nearly 10 months, I feel I've been
extremely patient. But even my patience (which is otherwise legendary, I can
assure you) runs out.

What would you suggest that I do at this point?

--Ori Pessach
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