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Ori Pessach wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 10:05 AM, Steve Mosher <steve at> wrote:
>>  Getting a focused effort in the US has been problematic. The reason is
>> simple. The vast majority of sales in the US have been through the OM
>> store. The disty, therefore, don't have the same motivation that say
>> Dr. N has. neither do they have the resources required. The best thing,
>> the most logical thing would be for OM in the US to set up a program
>> just like Dr. N did.
>> The problem? OM usa is me. Part of the reason the deal worked with Dr. N
>> is that he was able to do all the detailed ground work required to get
>> this done. I would have to execute the fix by myself. That's no simple
>> feat, but now that Dr. N has shown the way, I can look into copying his
>> effort. basically I'm a marketing guy, but if need be I'll be the
>> customer support, feild rework, logistics guy.
>> In the US it might require a different approach, but I can start to look
>> into it.
> Steve, I do realize that coordinating this is a challenge, but in this case
> it seems like the vendor I bought my phone from is trying to work with
> Openmoko, and isn't getting a satisfactory response, or any response at all
> if I take their version of the story to be true - which I have no reason not
> to.
   Well, I put together a rework plan for all the distributors. It was a 
program to rework existing stock. That was phase 1. That program was 
supposed to be administered by 1 employee at OM. I'll have to check
and see if that task was completed. PHASE TWO of the program was to 
figure out a way to rework devices already in the hands of end users.
Dr. N and I have been discussing an approach for a while. And he has
just proved that it can work. Understand, Dr. N set up his whole 
program: he found the technician. he got a quote. he prepare his website
to take orders for the program. When he had that all set up he came to
me and said: here is my proposal: the customer does this, GDC does that,
and OM compensates me in this fashion. So, Sean and I said yes to the
deal. That's basically what it would take. You can just have the vendor
write me directly with their proposal. If they pattern their proposal
after Dr. Ns proposal then I have a good basis to make my case. But you
have to understand the issue of scale here. Dr. N offers the service a 
larger pool of customers. So his technician, of course, can offer a 
better price. There is a learning curve in doing this fix. If your
vendor sold 100 phones, he can expect to get 5 people to mail in phones
for a buzz fix. To service these 5 people he has to do a bunch of work.
he would be better off just shipping you a A7 for free. But if he
openly offered exchanges, then people without the buzz problem could 
just take advantage of the situation.
> Since I've been waiting for a fix for nearly 10 months, I feel I've been
> extremely patient. But even my patience (which is otherwise legendary, I can
> assure you) runs out.
> What would you suggest that I do at this point?

  Have your vendor write me directly. I can see what can be done. They 
would have to, at minimum, pattern their proposal after Dr. Ns proposal.
Find a technician to do the rework. get a quote from him. Establish a
way for US owners to ship their product in. Arrange for the rework
and adminster it. negotiate a reimbursement package from OM. etc.

other ideas?
> --Ori Pessach

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