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Mon Jun 1 20:17:44 CEST 2009

  When I first started putting the program together I asked Tony Tu to 
get me a test protocal for incoming. Engineering ( and others) then 
pointed out that the Buzz problem was conditioned by enviromental 
factors that we CND ( could not duplicate) such that a phone with Buzz
in the feild may not exhibit it at the test site ( For example, I never
had phones buzz for me, even when sean flew out with a phone to show
me the buzz) And a phone without buzz in the field may exhibit it at the 
test site. So, I dropped the requirement for an incoming test protocal.
My logic was this. The circuit was known to manifest the problem under
certain circumstances. Its clear that RF gets on the line and clear also 
that the CAP fix, if properly applied, reduces the symptoms, both in 
theory and in practice. So, if we offer the buzz fix to all, some small
fraction of people who do not have the problem will still want the fix.
If they are willing to part with their phone for a week or so to get a 
fix they dont need, then go ahead and fix it.

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> Aother note to all who read this: the Buzz rework is only required if  
>> you have the Buzz problem.
> Hmm, wasn't there an environmental component as well, i.e., band and
> signal strength ? So changes in the network, e.g., traveling, moving,
> or the provider messing with things, might bring buzz to phones that
> still lacked that experience.
> - Werner
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