Launcher/Home Page (alpha) Release 0.18

jahckal jahckal at
Tue Jun 2 11:13:27 CEST 2009

2009/6/2 c_c <cchandel at>

> Hi,
>  Here's the latest version.
> launcher_0.20_arm.ipk
>  Changes :-
>  * Transparent Icons


>   * Toolbar
>  Well, I need some feedback about whether the toolbar is better or should I
> go back to the hover drop down.

Yes. I like it!

Some issues & thouhgts:
1) Utility has no icon
2) When i choose Uncategorized, toolbar is missing. Maybe ther are too many
icons in this category, so toolbar is going down out of the screen? And no
way to go back to other category - restart is necessary.
3) I've got to delete launcher.db made under 0.18 version. Otherwise it
4) What do you think about possibility to attach one program to more than
one category? I'd like to see terminal on every launcher screen :-)
5) What do you think about configurable size (height) of toolbar? Just
Small, Medium, Large would be enough.
6) What do you think about configuration of categories order (not just

And thanks a lot for great job!

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