Fundamental Qi question

Cameron Frazier frazier.cameron at
Tue Jun 2 15:28:07 CEST 2009

On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 8:19 AM, arne anka <openmoko at> wrote:
>> Just to provide another data point for those in doubt, I run Qi with
>> SHR on the NAND, and no uSD install.  The only issue I have is that
>> /boot on the NAND is not respected/read, but I can live with that.
> how does one add additional kernel arguments, which according to the wiki
> is done by creating a file /boot/append-GTA0[123]?
> oops, sorry. i forgot, questioning qi is spreading fud and causing mail
> congestion ...


My understanding is that not respecting the /boot/append-GTA0[123] is
a NAND-only hardcoded limitation, since NAND has different partitions
for ROOTFS and KERNEL.  I suppose I could have been clearer before.

Honest questioning is never FUD, and honest answers are never a cause
of mail congestion.

Kind regards,

Cameron 'Toaster' Frazier

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