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Wed Jun 3 07:30:49 CEST 2009


Warren Baird-2 wrote:
>>Yeah, I could contribute some wallpapers - probably under a
>>Alike license, if that's acceptable to you...
  Sure, whatever license that allows users to use them and lets me
distribute them with the launcher.
Actually, I just need a few (maybe 2 or 3). You could look at making a small
wallpaper ipk that can be downloaded by the user from your site /
That will give you more freedom and exposure. How about that?

Warren Baird-2 wrote:
>>And how do you feel about tasteful nudity?  :-)
  Hah! I don't mind it at all. But maybe it would be better to have them as
another ipk - to prevent offending some people.

Warren Baird-2 wrote:
>>I'm not sure about the scroll bar at the bottom to select the
categories...   I agree it's prettier - but it's >also slower to find the
category you want.   Before it was always just two clicks, now it can be
'drag, >drag, drag, click'...
  As I see it - these are the advantages :-

 * Almost infinite amount of categories
 * looks nicer / sexier

 and the disadvantages :-

 * slower
 * needs dragging and then a click
 * is it just me or the the dragging seems less responsive
 * Less Intuitive (maybe just me again)

  I have asked for feedback about the toolbar - but haven't really gotten
much. I'm still not decided one way or the other - but I personally prefer
the combo box / hover drop down - primarily because its faster.

Warren Baird-2 wrote:
>>also - I can't figure out how to edit the list of category in this version
- how do I do that?
  Click on the configuration part of the toolbar (extreme right) and you'll
get the preferences window.

Warren Baird-2 wrote:
>>Hmm - do you track when and how many times each app is launched?   I'd
love to see automatically >populated categories for 'most recent' and 'most
popular' or something like that...
  I'm not doing that yet - but I'll add it to my TODO. 
Thanks for all the feedback.
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