Fundamental Qi question

arne anka openmoko at
Wed Jun 3 10:32:27 CEST 2009

> Oh did I say that questioning Qi was spreading FUD and mail congestion?

that's how i understood it.

> My apologies. I'll rephrase. Criticising features you know nothing about
> in a thread about a question you contributed nothing to is spreading FUD
> and causing mail congestion.

what exactly is your problem?
 from the information i gathered over time from this list i deduced qi was  
aimed at reading the kernel from /boot, not from the nand partition.
together with "qi does not understand jffs2" i simply infered it would not  
work with flash at all.

turns out, that was wrong.
now i see, that indeed qi with flash has at least ... limited usability,  
because obviously due to jffs2 support (however that is possible, since  
jffs2 is the first fs of the freerunner) that file appending boot options  
can not be read.

paul answered in a totally inappropriate way and you continue that way  
if all you want to say is "i am great! i loathe you inferior creature" --  
you did it.
as long you have nothing to contribute in terms of usefull information you  
can shut up now.

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