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On Wed, 3 Jun 2009 17:10:49 +0200 Michal Brzozowski <rusolis at poczta.fm> said:

> I'm amazed how much you guys can theorize about the idea before actually
> trying it.

i theorize because hat's what i've done for decades doing code, ui etc. i sit
and think about how something will work months or years before i do it. that's
how i figure out how to make something that could be fast in what it does - by
theorizing on usage patterns, internal data and logic flow etc.etc. months or
years before it ever actually works (and then smile as all the thinking paid

> Is it because of allergy to patents? I bet we could use the general idea if
> we wanted to, without violating the patent. Just change the shape of the
> keys or something.

patents are an area which could literally wipe out my entire life's savings if
taken to court, shown to willfully infringe. you need to check up on patent
law and the sonsequences. if you willfully infringe (KNOW something is
patented and then use it anyway), you don't have a leg to stand on in a court.
maybe you have nothing to lose - i definitely do and won't touch something i
KNOW is patented. better never tell me it's patented - then at least i have a
leg to stand on.

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