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> What about first building a decent keyboard with normal keys and then dream
> about triangular keys glory?
> Such a triangular keyboard uses lots of space, maybe twice the space of a
> normal keyboard. That's certainly not useful on the small freerunner screen
> which is also cramped by the casing frame.
> It's sad that this community couldn't even manage to build a decent keyboard
> for the freerunner within one year. Is there even any attempt to make one?

well people will disagree - qtopia's predictive kbd and illume's do a damn good
job given the tiny screen space. ask peolpe who actually use it (and if you
dont use english - find a dict for your language). sure - it wont help with
shell commands or coding, but in the end you have a TINY screen. i know i
complain about my laptop kbd - and it's a 15" device. the kbd is a bit small
for doing real code. i have a 10" sony viao x505 - thats pretty much impossible
to do real code on. now a 2.8" screen - which you ALSO want to use for
displaying stuff... let's get real. you will never have a god kbd for such
things. at best u'll have one for pidgeon-pecking out some shortish sms's. be
realistic. just because i open and runs linux doesnt mean it can be the be-all
and do-all of your computing life. there's more to such devices than just
software - like good hardware, good industrial design etc. etc.

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