illume keyboard force on/off

Petr Vanek vanous at
Thu Jun 4 15:18:09 CEST 2009

>> it doesn't remember i have made it show once i switch windows and
>> this gets really annoying. is there a way for it to remember it's
>> state for a window?
>I do not know how hard is it to add this feature into illume, but maybe
>a useful workaround is to modify the illume theme to have the keyboard
>toggle button directly accessible? Then you can (de)activate keyboard
>with one click at any time. (I have done that and am quite happy about
>it; it's quite hackish, but you can see the sources at

thank you for the workaround. the trouble is that showing the keyboard 
always requires time to redraw the window than needs to be resized....
if it stayed as is the response would be faster. i am surprised nobody
mentioned this much yet as in real life day to day business this is
really hard to use feature.

iirc illume can hide the keyboard altogether if usb keyboard  is
connected. this is not the case with bt keyboards (i have one and the
soft keyboard always pops up). also this means that these is a way to
force off the keyboard. elementary_remote might be the answer but i
haven't found if there is a parametr like this yet...


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