Unable to boot on SHR or OM2009 after installing Android Beta 7

yann.sladek at free.fr yann.sladek at free.fr
Thu Jun 4 15:42:34 CEST 2009

Hi there list !

I'm facing a problem with my FreeRunner trying to install the brand new SHR unstable release or OM2009.

I formerly installed Android Beta 7 from Koolu packages but now when I'm trying to flash with another distro, flash goes well but I get stucked on boot with a koolu splashscreen and nothing else happens.

I flashed fs and kernel images on NAND (using neotool)and I tried to flash QI or Uboot with no more success, I got the OpenMoko splashscreen and then the koolu one (and got stucked on it).
When I'm trying to boot from the NOR menu using 'Boot' choice, I got messages saying that NAND is being reading and kernel is being loading and finally the stucked Koolu splashscreen.

I already had this problem before but it was solved by someone on a Bearstech party in Paris, and cannot remember how it has been done.



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