Questions about Openmoko cellphones ..

The Digital Pioneer digitalpioneer at
Thu Jun 4 19:52:07 CEST 2009

1. OM phones and their software are completely open source, so they can be
hacked but not like motorolas. You can edit the source codes and complie as
you see fit.

2. Android doesn't work completely; Qt Extended Improved as I believe it's
called now works about as well as anything else AFAIK. I don't use it, so
I'm not sure.

3. The Neo 1973 is old, and I don't know of any retailers carrying it. Now
we use the Freerunner. Retailers for it can be found at

4. The phone can be dualbooted, but you're going to need a large enough
microSD card to hold all the distros.

AFAIK, that's all true, but I've been wrong before. ;)
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