Christian Gagneraud cgagneraud at techworks.ie
Thu Jun 4 19:59:01 CEST 2009

Sebastian Hammerl wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Sebastian,

> about the conversion I cannot help you because I don't know the openbmap
> format.
> I talked with the openbmap owner about collaborating and got to the
> result that it will only happen in the way that openbmap can use the
> cellhunter data. I will not combine these two databases. There are some
> mails here around with reasons for that.

Yes, i've read about this, and i think that it's worth logging too 
much data than not enough...

> But cellhunter will cooperate with opencellid.org which is as far as I
> know the largest open cellid database. And my opinion is that everyone
> should submit the data via cellhunter or something else to this database
> so there is one global one. Only with a good cover all over the world
> this data gets usefull.

I've looked at opencellid.org website, and couldn't find any 
information concerning the database, how can a user access the data 
for example...

> I just saw that openbmaps imports the opencellid data so there will be
> the cellhunter data in in future.

That's a good point, but for example, yesterday evening i've uploaded 
lot of data (about 5 hours sampling every 10 seconds, while moving by 
boat along the coast), and now i would like to reuse these data, 
exploit them, plot them, ... with existing web application or by 
writing my own tool, the API offered by cellhunter doesn't really fit 
my needs that's why i want to have a look at OBM's API.

Do you know how often CH is imported into opencellid, and how often 
opencellid are imported into OBM?


> Greetings, Sebastian
> (CellHunter developer)
> Christian Gagneraud schrieb:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm using cellhunter since few month, with which i have gathered some 
>> data (1646 cells so far here in Ireland) and uploaded to their server.
>> I would like to give a try with OpenBmap, is there a way to convert 
>> data from CH to OBM and upload them to OBM server?
>> I know that OBM log more details than CH but i guess that CH's data 
>> are still usable by OBM.
>> Generally speaking, what people think about these two project? And of 
>> course the 2 billion euros/dollars question: Which one is the best?
>> Does the 2 projects collaborate, if not are there any plan to do so?
>> Chris.
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