Unable to boot on SHR or OM2009 after installing Android Beta 7

Yann SLADEK yann.sladek at free.fr
Thu Jun 4 21:51:58 CEST 2009

Hi Paul and Jan,

I successfully flashed Qi on NAND but it doesn't changed anything at all

When I try to boot directly (pressing power button), I got the koolu 
spashscreen directly and then got stucked
When I try to boot from NOR menu (pressing AUX and power button), then 
choose 'Boot', I got message s saying that NAND is being reading and 
kernel is loading (with a final message Loading Kernel image ....OK) 
then koolu's splashscreen and got stucked
I don't know where can be the problem since I flashed (in one shot, 
using neo tool) bootloader, fs and kernel (with no error messages)

Booting without sd card into the phone doesn't change at all (same 

Just for trying, doe anyone has a splashscreen ? I cannot find one on 
the web



> Jan Vlug <jan.public at famvlug.nl> writes:
>> Do I understand correctly that you were not able to flash QI into NAND?
>> Maybe a Koolu bootloader is causing the strange behavior...
>> BTW do you know whether the NAND is partitioned as well?
>> Maybe an experienced bootloader guy can test installing Koolu Android and reverting back to SHR or
>> om2009 to investigate the issue?
>> It took me quite some experimentation, trial and error to get my phone back to normal.
> One can't easily do anything with NOR u-boot. It does its own
> computation of NAND partitions. If koolu has some special bootloader
> (i guess it's a Qi fork) just boot to NOR and replace Koolu's version
> with stock OM's Qi. Easy as that.

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