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Thu Jun 4 22:14:59 CEST 2009

Hello list,

are there any OpenStreetMappers here? How to you map. I find it nearly

The map in our region is rather pour and needs expanding. It is being
done only by two persons, although we have drawn all the streets and
many buildings in native town. We have named streets, because we do
remember their names. Numbered some of the houses — that is already
hard. You have to print on a piece of paper the map. And go on foot
around your town and just write down the numbers of houses. That is very
inconvenient, because it is slow and you can only do that on foot. No
bicycle, no car because you will have to stop many times.

So what's about suburbs? It is pretty undrawn. Don't know even the names
of streets there. So a single thing could to do is just ride them all
and put on a map at home using GPS tracks.

Much more could be done with audio tagging. Please, could someone extend
either TangoGPS or omgps? That will be cutting more power from battery,
but that will also help more. Maybe some voice autodetection(by
detecting loud noise for example). And using speex codec for minimum size?


p.s. yesterday one my friend read the name of omgps as 'OMG ps?'

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