Unable to boot on SHR or OM2009 after installing Android Beta 7

Yann SLADEK yann.sladek at free.fr
Thu Jun 4 22:25:56 CEST 2009

Ok my fault the problem come from me and nothing is related to Android

I didn't notice that when flashing fs and kernel together, kernel 
flashing wasn't done cause a USB reset (according to neotool)
When I flashed kernel only, everything is working great

Sorry for disturbance
> Jan Vlug <jan.public at famvlug.nl> writes:
>> Do I understand correctly that you were not able to flash QI into NAND?
>> Maybe a Koolu bootloader is causing the strange behavior...
>> BTW do you know whether the NAND is partitioned as well?
>> Maybe an experienced bootloader guy can test installing Koolu Android and reverting back to SHR or
>> om2009 to investigate the issue?
>> It took me quite some experimentation, trial and error to get my phone back to normal.
> One can't easily do anything with NOR u-boot. It does its own
> computation of NAND partitions. If koolu has some special bootloader
> (i guess it's a Qi fork) just boot to NOR and replace Koolu's version
> with stock OM's Qi. Easy as that.

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