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Thu Jun 4 23:44:54 CEST 2009


On Thu, 2009-06-04 at 20:28, Risto H. Kurppa wrote:
> At some stage I heard that Openbmap would save more information
> compared to opencellid.
> I don't know where's the problem but I really can't see why there has
> to be three databases for the same stuff - I'd guess it's just because
> of selfish people not willing to share and let others contribute or
> modify their way of working to suit the others. Too bad..

It's not that simple. Read the long threads we had about that in the past.


- opencellid was there first. Not much responses in the beginning. Got better in
  the end. I asked them if they are interested to extend their database to have
  fields for the quality of the gps signal and also logging other things like
  wifi APs. Tried it two times, no answer.

- openbmap came later and has a smaller database. On the other hand they have
  the idea of logging cell informations with more informations about the
  quality. Quality vs quantity gives them less cells of course. The also have
  the idea of more then just GSM cells.

- cellhunter made a great start due to the game character

- cellhunter data gets feed into opencell id

- openbmap imports the opencellid db

>From the FSO perspective we have several points that we need before we would
write code in the framework using it (and of course also contributing to it):

- Access to the server side source code.

- We prefer quality over quantity.

- We like to log wifi ap's as well.

- DB available as download.

After all the mails we had about that I don't think a cooperation more then what
is happening atm is likely. Sad but reality.

So far OpenBmap has been the most cooperative project from the FSO view. Once
the last issue, access to the server side source code, is sorted out the FSO
team will start to work together with them for tighter cooperation. Daniel and
Jan had some thinking with Onen about this during the FSOSHRUDCON.

Stefan Schmidt

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