Openmoko Neo FreeRunner GTA02 versions A5 & A6 Audio Buzz - Quality Enhancement Service

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Fri Jun 5 00:23:11 CEST 2009

 Thanks Brian.


Brian Fuller wrote:
> Hello Openmoko Community!
> As users of the Openmoko Neo FreeRunner GTA02 versions A5 & A6, you  
> may have experienced an audio buzz while making a phone call.   
> Openmoko has identified the issue and upgraded the hardware to fix  
> this issue.  The GTA02 version A7 phones are now available and include  
> this fix.
> In response to this audio buzz issue, Openmoko has implemented a  
> program by which owners of GTA02 version A5 & A6 FreeRunners can have  
> their phones reworked to an electrical revision similar to version  
> A7.  All owners of version A5 & A6 FreeRunners are eligible for this  
> program. SDG Systems (SDG), the US Master Distributor of the  
> FreeRunner, will be performing the necessary revision work.
> To review the details of this program and to participate, please go to  
> the SDG online store located at, select Openmoko on  
> the Catalog page, select "Buy Now" for the Neo FreeRunner versions A5  
> & A6 Audio Buzz - Quality Enhancement Service, and complete the  
> registration and checkout process.  For each phone returned for  
> rework, you will receive a complimentary FreeRunner replacement  
> battery to offset your shipping fees.  For those interested in  
> purchasing additional phones, coupon code 5CZ8HT54, redeemable only at  
> the SDG online store, is available for $30 off the retail price of  
> $389 for the version A7 FreeRunner.  The coupon code has no quantity  
> restrictions and expires on 7/31/09.
> Participants' phones needing reworked MUST be returned to SDG by  
> Wednesday, July 15, 2009, to qualify for this program.
> For any additional assistance or questions, please email buzzfix at 
> .
> We appreciate your cooperation as we work to resolve this matter.
> Sincerely,
> SDG Systems & Koolu, Inc.
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