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In The Name Of God

Thanks alot for your attentions ;
1- There is need a phone with a good sound power to have listening voice
with headphone ,have calls, recieve and dial ,send and receive sms in
persian language (farsi) , as for these needs first > does neo freeruner
fulfill these needs ? second> if yes ,which one of android , shr ,debian ,
qtopia are better for these needs ?

2-Where can Freerunner be bought with minimum price ,in europ and asia ?

3-Can we have stream gprs from phone to pc by bluetooth by FR ?
How about sending and receiving sms in persian language (farsi) on FR ?

ًRegards dehqan

On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 5:16 AM, Al Johnson <openmoko at>wrote:

> A few clarifications inline below:
> On Thursday 04 June 2009, The Digital Pioneer wrote:
> > 1. OM phones and their software are completely open source, so they can
> be
> > hacked but not like motorolas. You can edit the source codes and complie
> as
> > you see fit.
> The hardware schematics and component placement are open too, so they even
> make it easy to hack the hardware. The bootloader is designed to allow new
> firmware to be flashed easily, and to boot from the SD card.
> > 2. Android doesn't work completely;
> The open parts of android mostly work, and work is in progress to fix the
> bits
> that don't. You can check the changelogs here:
> Some of the android APIs, and apps that people think of as part of android,
> are closed and AFAIK won't run unless Google open them, or possibly
> recompiles
> them for armv4t
> > 4. The phone can be dualbooted, but you're going to need a large enough
> > microSD card to hold all the distros.
> I'm quad- or quin-booting, I forget which, with android in NAND and 3 or 4
> others on an 8GB SD-card. That should be plenty big enough for android,
> qtopia
> and debian.
> > AFAIK, that's all true, but I've been wrong before. ;)
> Me too ;-)
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