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Hi all

My experience of OSM mapping :
* tango gps : just gps tracks
* OSM2go : live editing (get position by gps, download, view and edit the
vector OSM data with synchro of the changes on upload) --> great, but a bit
heavy and has no soud recording tool
and (you must install first the goocanvas,
then osm2go-data and then osm2go. Before loading it, you must create the
conf folder with

mkdir ~/.osm2go/

I really wish we have a tool as OSMtracker for our freerunners :
It has big button, can record audio, etc. . Is there any hope one with
coding skills can use it as an example to code a similar GUI and engine ?

2009/6/5 Risto H. Kurppa <risto at>

> OSM yes, Openmoko Yes.
> There's some kind of mapping GUI at
> It shows buttons that you can press to add tags in .osm format: speed
> limits etc.
> I haven't had a close look at it, it was suggested to me here:
> (read the
> comments by pavel)
> I think it could be extended/completed to be a usable tool, even wehn
> biking. It doesn't understand the road names etc but is a handy tool
> to add POI's etc. Someone with .py skill please have a look at it. If
> one would use this mokomapper with audio recorder, it'd be a powerful
> combination: the most simple tags you'd get by clicking FR and then
> read the street names.
> So far I've been just recording the track with tangogps and taking
> photos and then sync gps and EXIF times.
> regarding JOSM, I wouldn't use it on FR: I want a big screen to be
> able to do precisely what I want, to analyze the saved audio/gps/POI
> data.. (and I son't know what's the status of Java on OM..)
> Please don't let this thread die before we have a good solution!
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