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In The Name Of God
Thanks alot for your attention

> 2009/6/5 a dehqan <dehqan65 at>:
> > Thanks alot for your attentions ;
> > 1- There is need a phone with a good sound power to have listening voice
> > with headphone ,have calls, recieve and dial ,send and receive sms in
> > persian language (farsi) , as for these needs first > does neo freeruner
> > fulfill these needs ? second> if yes ,which one of android , shr ,debian ,
> > qtopia are better for these needs ?
> It's good that you can just buy it and try yourself - but I'd think at
> least OM2009 should be able to do it.
when someone here ask question ,he/she needs other experiences before
buying .In Iran if i bought it and then it did not fulfill needs who
will buy that from me ?i can say maybe no one in iran use openmoko
phone .
so i'll be thankfull someone answer exacltly .

> > 2-Where can Freerunner be bought with minimum price ,in europ and asia ?
> You might again want to compare, ther's a list of distributors at
yes there is a page :
But i was interested if there is a seller that sells FR less than those prices ?
anda it is probable those prices have been changed ,isnt it ?

> > 3-Can we have stream gprs from phone to pc by bluetooth by FR ?
> I can't see why couldn't it be done, actually I think someone have
> done it already.
Whould let me know who had done that ?any link ?where can be that work
be found ?

> > How about sending and receiving sms in persian language (farsi) on FR ?
> If cyrillic / russian works, I can't see why persian/farsi couldn't be
> implemented, unless it already works.
My problem is that in iran i dont think anyone else bought  FR ,so how
can i be sure it supports persian in sms ?
> please have a look at and also the mailing list
> archives to find more information on what's done and so on..
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