A7 (was: Tuxbrain offers ...)

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 12:49:31 CEST 2009

2009/6/5 Christoph Pulster <openmoko at pulster.de>:
> A7 = A6 + buzz fix + some minor PCB revisions ?
> If yes, I do not understand, why A7 is announced in some places similar
> to a new major product update worth buying.

Simply because A7 is the first revision that is for sure suitable,
hardware-wise, for every-day calling purposes in 900/1800 frequency
ranges since the buzz fix is included out-of-the-box. According to
tuxbrain's information there are no changes besides the buzz fix and
newer GSM firmware (so no need to update that either separately).

> Release date ? Price ? etc etc

Maybe 3th of June was the kind-of release date, as then it got into
publicity that resellers can order A7? For customers it doesn't matter
if it's a buzz-fixed A6 or a "real" A7, but "A7" is something
customers can search for, knowing that it's buzz-fixed. So adding
"This version is reworked and equal to A7" to existing resellers' A6
pages, if the reseller provides buzz-fixed A6:s, could be beneficial.

> Once again I miss the stressed "openness" in Openmoko's information and
> communication policy.

Me too, the communication channels never actually evolved beyond word
of mouth... in general information is out there but it's not
organized. Browsing community mailing list for bits of information is
what I'd call reseller communications.


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