Questions about Openmoko cellphones ..

Al Johnson openmoko at
Fri Jun 5 15:43:36 CEST 2009

On Friday 05 June 2009, a dehqan wrote:
> In The Name Of God
> Thanks alot for your attentions ;
> 1- There is need a phone with a good sound power to have listening voice
> with headphone ,have calls, recieve and dial ,send and receive sms in
> persian language (farsi) , as for these needs first > does neo freeruner
> fulfill these needs ?

Sound is generally equivalent to other phones I have used, but changing the 
volume settings if the provided ones don't suit you is not simple yet. There 
are a few problems to be aware of with sound too:
* Buzz - Under some circumstances the person at the other end of the call may 
hear buzz as well as your voice. This can vary from quiet to loud. There is a 
fix for this on the handset mic, but not for the wired headset. You should 
check with the reseller that you are buying one with the fix applied.
* Weak bass on wired headset - this is not a problem for voice, but isn't so 
good for music. 
A workaround for the wired headset problems is to use a bluetooth headset, but 
AFAIK none of the distros has a GUI for this yet.

The current distros generally send and receive calls and SMS without too many 
problems, though bugs do crop up from time to time as some of the software is 
changing quickly. Some people are happy to use it as an everyday phone, while 
for others it is missing features they consider vital. There is no general 
agreement on which is best, though Qtopia is probably most similar to a 
conventional phone. If you are expecting something that has a polished 
interface and behaves like a conventional smartphone you will be disappointed. 
If you want a small handheld computer with phone capabilities and an 
unprecedented level of control, but which requires some dedication to get the 
best out of, you will probably be happy.

I can't comment on whether it is usable with farsi, but it is possible nobody 
has tried.

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