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> In The Name Of God
> Thanks alot for your attentions ;
> 1- There is need a phone with a good sound power to have listening voice
> with headphone ,have calls, recieve and dial ,send and receive sms in
> persian language (farsi) , as for these needs first > does neo freeruner
> fulfill these needs ? second> if yes ,which one of android , shr ,debian ,
> qtopia are better for these needs ?
> 2-Where can Freerunner be bought with minimum price ,in europ and asia ?
> 3-Can we have stream gprs from phone to p

c by bluetooth by FR ?
> How about sending and receiving sms in persian language (farsi) on FR ?

There general problem with RTL languages (Farsi, Hebrew, Arabic) in all
illume based distros (OM2009 SHR, FSO), it's being solved but can't say
where this work will finished.
Debian have decent support for Farsi AFAIK. But I dont know about telephony
For sending SMS/E-mail you have to use Farsi onscreen keyboard, I havn't
seen one, but it's relatively easy to make one.

Regards, Evgeniy.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
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