Popping up virtual keyboards via PyGTK, double click rate

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Fri Jun 5 18:54:44 CEST 2009

Al Johnson wrote:
> On Thursday 04 June 2009, David Ford wrote:
>> I've been told that telling the widget to grab the focus should pop up
>> the virtual keyboard, but it has yet to happen.
> Not quite - it responds to various X atoms being set. This post has some more 
> info, including c code. You may need to check the illume source for the 
> complete list of atoms.
> http://www.mail-archive.com/community@lists.openmoko.org/msg41666.html
>> community at lists.openmoko.org
>> http://lists.openmoko.org/mailman/listinfo/community

Well, if you don't want to implement this only for an application, you
only have to add the libmb-im-invoker.so under the gtk lib immodules
dir. It's included in the opkg package matchbox-keyboard-im.

By the way the gtk libraries have a bug, since they don't allow the
keyboard to pop-up (i.e. don't send the "focus" callback) if the
selected entry has no visibility (i.e. if it is a password field).


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