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Fri Jun 5 19:07:17 CEST 2009


Sebastian Hammerl wrote:
> about the conversion I cannot help you because I don't know the openbmap
> format.

This is most probably doable, just a matter of converting it. What 
annoys me, is that ch will upload to oci, we will import oci data on 
regular basis. If we import the data from ch, we have to detect ch data 
in oci data when importing. Which makes more work.

> I talked with the openbmap owner about collaborating and got to the
> result that it will only happen in the way that openbmap can use the
> cellhunter data. I will not combine these two databases. There are some
> mails here around with reasons for that.

Please see the email from Stefan, about elaborating on this.

> But cellhunter will cooperate with opencellid.org which is as far as I
> know the largest open cellid database.

Not anymore, now that we have the data from oci, obm is the largest 
database ;-) . Why did we import it? We think the data from oci could be 
of better quality with some additions. So far, we could not get an 
agreement about this from Thomas. So we still aim at people logging 
through obm for better quality. But to propose right now the best 
coverage to our users, we use oci data too, where no obm data is 
available. But the idea is to replace it with obm data with time, as it 
comes in.

  And my opinion is that everyone
> should submit the data via cellhunter or something else to this database
> so there is one global one. Only with a good cover all over the world
> this data gets usefull.

I disagree. Without a good quality, you will end up with lot of data 
(possibly) unuseful because less accurate, or corrupted (through buggy 
logging software, for example). Coverage is not the key by itself.
And we proposed to merge our database in oci (with the extra fields we 
are interested in), but we did not get an answer about this. So if we 
upload to oci, we can only upload the smaller number of supported 
fields, thus we help building a less accurate database than we have. It 
does not make any sense to me.

> I just saw that openbmaps imports the opencellid data so there will be
> the cellhunter data in in future.

Cool, you make the announcement for us ;-) Joke aside, Nick is finishing 
testing it, that is the reason we did not talk about this so far.


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